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5 minute read
| March 3, 2017

How Do You Manage Inventory When Multiple Channels Are Involved?

If you are selling across multiple channels, managing inventory and shipping can be a real challenge—unless your 3PL partner has invested in the right kind of technology. Read More
4 minute read
| February 10, 2017

DIM Weight: Updates, Surprises, and Tips

Because shipping and logistics are a core competency at Materialogic, we keep abreast of industry changes that might affect how and when people ship items, including how... Read More
4 minute read
| January 30, 2017

4 Ways to Drive Freight Savings

Increased competition makes little things count. If you have competitors from all over the world, you need to find ways to keep prices low even as you efficiently deliver... Read More
6 minute read
| January 17, 2017

Getting the Most Out of Your Holiday Post-Mortem

  The holiday shopping season has come and gone, and now is the time of year when merchants of every stripe take a hard look at their reports and processes, vowing to make... Read More
4 minute read
| October 6, 2016

Wasting Time? You Might Be, If You Are Doing Your Own Fulfillment

When you are not “in” logistics and fulfillment, it’s hard to appreciate how much time it consumes. Read More
3 minute read
| September 30, 2016

Request for Proposal (RFP) for 3PL Services: A Template

There are a lot of articles out there dispensing advice on how to go about the RFP process when choosing a logistics partner or 3PL. (In fact, we wrote some ourselves... Read More
3 minute read
| September 1, 2016

Growing Pains? Multiple Carton Small Parcel Shipment Weight Might be Your Solution

Whether you use a 3PL for shipping and logistics or do things in house, there is a long list of issues to take care of: Order accuracy, DIM weight changes, address... Read More
7 minute read
| June 24, 2016

3 Big Reasons Why the Cloud is Good for Logistics

  Cloud computing has come of age, but not because it’s a fancy piece of futuristic technology. What many people in retail and industry have not yet grasped is that cloud... Read More
5 minute read
| May 27, 2016

Hazmat ORM-D and Limited Quantity: What They Really Means for eCommerce Shipping

The word “hazmat” conjures images of people in radiation suits cleaning up a spill, or driving trucks of dangerous chemicals. The truth is that laws regulating hazardous... Read More


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