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Materialogic's Warehouse

50,000+ Storage Areas For Your Inventory

Our custom storage areas give your inventory plenty of space in our large St. Louis, MO warehouse.

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The Software that Streamlines Your Shipping

Infoplus is your warehouse management system that helps you keep accurate reports on purchase orders and product shipping and receiving times. With the ability to take pictures and hold all documentation together, Infoplus provides you with complete visibility into your warehousing and fulfillment.

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Materialogic is a critical link in our supply chain and their account management team provides exceptional customer service. We appreciate their personal approach to our partnership and to ensuring continuous quality improvement.

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Discover the features of our warehouse

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Our warehouse facility is FDA approved and OSHA certified to properly store and ship a wide variety of products.

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Wire Guided Aisles and Climate Controlled

Our warehouse has wire-guided aisles for easy navigation and are completely climate controlled for accurate storage.

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Limitless Visibility

Through Infoplus reporting and metrics, you can see the trends of what inventory is selling in your warehouse to better prepare and stock your warehouse.

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Always Scalable

Materialogic continues to offer the same fulfillment support regardless of how your business grows.

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We’re here to help you reach your warehousing and fulfillment goals. Reach out to our team for a discovery call to learn more.

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