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The beating heart of your operation

Infoplus provides the control and functionality to optimize the management of your business on an ongoing basis.

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Complete visibility into your data

Get real-time updates on your warehouse operations 24/7

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Infoplus’s real-time updates keep your inventory reporting as accurate as possible, and let you view this data 24/7.

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Infoplus uses a secure account to keep your operational data safely secured and protected against malicious software or hackers.

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Infoplus data is totally customizable to your operation, giving you the exact data you need when you need it.

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Infoplus provides the flexibility and technological expertise to give ease of use to managers and floor workers alike.

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We made the switch to Materialogic as our company's sales began to grow exponentially. We needed to find a partner that could grow with us and adapt quickly to our needs as things changed over time. Materialogic was a great fit for us and has exceeded our expectations every step of the way. Their customer support team is extremely helpful and quick to resolve any questions/issues and their order processing software, Infoplus, has made integrating our operations with their team significantly more effective and efficient.

Brian D.

Accurate Setup

Infoplus offers comprehensive and easy installation, integrating with different channels and carriers of operation. This user-friendly software will help you set up a successful 3PL partnership.

Shipping (and Thinking) Outside the Box

No two shipping operations are the same, and we don’t treat them like it. We stay flexible and work to fill the needs of our customers’ specific problems, one solution at a time.

Discover Our Custom Approach

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Your operation is one step away from running under robust technology. Don’t hesitate to reach out to see what custom solutions Materialogic can provide for your operation.

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