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24/7 Real-Time Visibility

Get accurate, exact updates on all of your inventory

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Visibility across every channel of your operation

Infoplus is so much more than just a visibility tool. It acts as the beating heart of your warehouse. Discover how else this WMS software can help you achieve your business goals.

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Materialogic's customer support team is extremely helpful and quick to resolve any questions/issues and their order processing software, Infoplus, has made integrating our operations with their team significantly more effective and efficient.

Brian D.

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Automation and Scalability

Infoplus is a long-term fulfillment solution, growing with you as you expand your operations and manage massive scales in our warehouse.

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Our system shows you a complete product journey, from when your customer adds it into their cart to when it gets delivered at their door.

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Order Management

Break away from Excel and manage products easily on massive scales with Infoplus’s easy to use platform.

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Quality Control

Infoplus helps you meet the highest quality of control standards quickly and accurately, without adding on extra labor.

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