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Inventory in a warehouse
Inventory Management

Make Inventory Management Smooth

From receiving to reporting, we make managing your product’s journey easy from start to finish.

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The Software that Supports Your Inventory

With availability to track current inventory, alert you of inventory levels, and share automatic status updates, Infoplus is your total WMS solution.

Discover What Infoplus Can Do
Stack of boxes in a warehouse

Materialogic has been very adaptive and responsive to our shipping, kitting, and storage needs. This has been our best fulfillment experience yet. From easy-to-use software to great support with live people, Materialogic has enabled our business to run smoothly and improve our bottom line.

Jenny B. | Inventory Management and Fulfillment

Make your warehouse flow as efficiently as possible

Go beyond just inventory management and get solutions that are
tailored to your every need.

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Track inbound and outbound orders at the advanced shipping notice (ASN) level, so you’ll always know what is coming and going from your lot.

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Trend Tagging

Seasonal and other high-velocity items can be tagged as such for easy searchability.

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Inventory Status

Beyond low stock reporting, you’ll receive updates on the status of your inventory and get alerts for damaged, lost, or frozen items.

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Inactive Management

Monitor any excess or inactive inventory through Infoplus reporting.

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