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November 20, 2023

How eCommerce Trends Are Shaping Order Fulfillment Services


As eCommerce continues to redefine the retail landscape, speedy, precise, and personalized order fulfillment is more crucial than ever. Your business has to balance efficiency and personalization when fulfilling orders. Beyond the A-to-B logistics, shifting customer expectations and the demand for more streamlined processes highlight a growing need for an innovative approach.

Let’s shine a light on some of the methods and tools shaping the future of order fulfillment services and discover how trends in eCommerce are fueling this evolution.

The Drive for Efficiency in Order Fulfillment Services

With a third of the world’s population buying things online, the explosion of eCommerce shopping has driven a demand for quicker, more precise order fulfillment services. Recognizing this urgency can help you align your strategy with the methods and technologies that redefine speed and accuracy in eCommerce order fulfillment. 

Here, we’ll discuss a few of those methods and technologies.

RF Guns

Handheld RF (radio frequency) guns play a pivotal role in inventory management and order picking by helping to ensure the right products are picked for each order, enabling efficient barcode scanning as well as real-time inventory updates. 

This tool not only accelerates the picking process but also minimizes errors throughout the fulfillment lifecycle.


The vMeasure automated dimensioning system has revolutionized order fulfillment services by capturing precise measurements of outbound cases instantly, replacing manual methods with speed and accuracy. vMeasure significantly reduces errors, ensuring optimal communication with shipping partners.

By seamlessly integrating with existing order processing infrastructure, the vMeasure dimensioner provides detailed data to shippers, enabling them to optimize their logistics processes and allocate appropriate transportation resources. Beyond data collection, vMeasure empowers strategic decision-making, allowing your fulfillment partner to refine their packaging strategies in real time for both precision and cost-effectiveness.

Direct Putaways

The direct putaway method involves placing received items directly into designated storage locations without intermediate handling or sorting. Direct putaways optimize warehouse space utilization and reduce the time it takes for products to become available for order fulfillment.

Picking Processes

Ecommerce trends suggest the pick-to-cart method will be sticking around for a while. This phase of the pick and pack process comes in two basic forms: dynamic picking and static picking. 

Dynamic picking involves matching items within designated areas. This method ensures precision in fulfilling orders, reducing errors, and speeding up the overall process. Static picking eliminates the matching element, streamlining the process even further when dynamic picking isn’t necessary.

As customization is key in catering to diverse client needs, your fulfillment partner should offer tailored options for clients with particular picking methods. From case picks to pallet picks, our system is designed to accommodate your operation’s unique requirements.

The Need for Personalized Customer Experiences

Meeting the demand for greater speed to market doesn’t mean saying goodbye to the human touch in order fulfillment services. From heartfelt, handwritten thank-you notes to tailored product recommendations, brands are embracing the power of personal connection. 

Exciting Unboxing Opportunities

Make the moment of arrival a gratifying experience. Platforms like Infoplus facilitate this by providing granular insights into customer behavior and ordering patterns, enabling you to create unboxing moments that resonate uniquely with each recipient. Meticulous attention to detail can help ensure that the unboxing experience becomes a memorable extension of your brand’s story, building anticipation and leaving a lasting impression on your customers

Captivating Brand Identity

Having once been just a protector of products, packaging now stands as a powerful branding tool. Companies are increasingly opting for vibrant materials, branded tapes, and captivating designs that visually communicate their brand identity.

Engaging Digital Experiences

As eCommerce matures, ordinary transactions can become extraordinary moments that are shared online with a broader community. Marketing campaigns deploying QR code technology seem to be launching every day. To seize these kinds of opportunities, companies have to recognize that the unboxing experience isn’t just about delivering a product — it’s about creating lasting impressions for the customer. In an economy where billions of digital buyers expect curated experiences, your commitment to personalization can be a key differentiator.

Striking a Balance Between Speed and Care

At Materialogic, eCommerce order fulfillment isn’t just about cutting-edge technology. We recognize that providing effective order fulfillment services is about striking the right balance between efficiency and the human touch. While automation and advanced tools play a crucial role in expediting processes, we understand the importance of maintaining personal connections with our clients.

We believe that a personal touch, whether it’s a handwritten thank-you note or customized packaging, adds a palpable layer of care and consideration to each order. This commitment sets us apart from the giants of the industry, where that vital human element can sometimes be overshadowed by sheer scale. 

Every order represents more than just a transaction; each one is an opportunity to build lasting relationships.

As we adapt to evolving eCommerce trends, we pay close attention to the symbiotic relationship between innovative technology and natural human ingenuity. The efficiency brought by advancements like vMeasure and dynamic picking complements the personal connection we strive to create in every order. This careful balance is what makes us a trusted partner for businesses looking for people-focused order fulfillment services.

To learn more about our client-centered approach, explore how DDS Gadget — a dental eCommerce company — partnered with Materialogic to optimize their fulfillment lifecycle. Or, put our expertise to work for you by scheduling a consultation with our experts today!

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