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April 27, 2023

Enhancing Supply Chain Operations: 5 Value-Added Services for Streamlined 3PL Solutions

3PL Solutions

In 2021, YouTube videos that included “unboxing” in the title were viewed more than 20 billion times in the United States. A forever-popular trend on TikTok as well, creating powerful unboxing experiences is pivotal to the success of many businesses.

From packaging to personalization, successful 3PLs offer value-added services to businesses that want to streamline their supply chain operations and strive to set themselves apart from their industry peers. 3PLs help companies save time, money, and resources by managing their warehousing, inventory, order fulfillment, and shipping. 

Not all 3PLs offer value-added services that meet companies’ specific needs and requirements, which is why it’s crucial to find a partner that can help with labeling, product inspection, re-marketing, or re-packaging.

Let’s look at 5 Materialogic value-added services and the benefits of working with a 3PL offering insight and customizations to help drive business growth.

1. Creating Powerful Unboxing Experiences

The unboxing experience continues to be as important as ever, especially in the eCommerce industry, where customers are eager to share their experiences on social media and consider these moments to be an integral part of the customer journey. 

Materialogic understands this modern truth and can help businesses create a memorable unboxing experience that delights their customers. We don’t just offer a price sheet. Rather, we offer custom 3PL solutions based on your particular business needs.

Need a variety pack of your customers’ favorite protein bars? We’ve got you covered. Looking to create a cool holiday gift box? We’ll help you design and create the perfect holiday package.

We help businesses design custom packaging, catering to the unique needs of that individual business and its products.

2. Thoughtful Personalization

It’s essential to partner with the right 3PL provider if you’re looking for personalized experiences that meet customers’ expectations. For example, we can help create customized gift boxes with cards or sentiments that make the unboxing experience much more special.

Materialogic delivers personalized logistics services, including customized packaging, specialized handling, and expedited shipping options. This can help companies better meet the needs of their customers and business partners, who may have specific requirements and expectations for how their products are packaged, handled, or delivered.

3. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Integration

Electronic Data Interchange  (EDI) is essential for businesses that want to streamline operations and reduce manual processes. Materialogic can seamlessly integrate with major marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart to exchange documents and data, which in turn creates a successful 3PL solution. 

For example, we recently helped one of our partners, a dog beer company, work with Amazon’s specific product requirements to create a 3-pack of customers’ favorite flavors for their beloved pets. This integration eliminates manual processes and reduces errors, resulting in faster and more efficient order fulfillment. 

4. Strategic Partnerships

At Materialogic, we believe in building solid partnerships with our clients. We don’t look at our clients as just a transaction. We work together to build meaningful relationships to ensure we deliver solutions that help our clients drive business growth by elevating their customer experiences.

We take the time to understand our client’s businesses to find the best 3PL solutions that meet their goals and objectives. We aim to become an extension of our clients' teams and help them succeed in their respective industries.

5. Custom Solutions

Every business is unique, so offering value-added services to our clients is paramount to their success. We don’t just fulfill orders; we also help companies with light manufacturing, print services, shopping cart integration, and much more. 

Our team of experts can help your business optimize its supply chain operations and boost your bottom line. How? Come to us with your idea, and we’ll help you bring it to life. 

With years of experience in various industries, we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve got the customer journey and product experience to ensure you deliver for your customers.

More Than Your Average 3PL

Make sure you partner with a 3PL that modernizes your supply chain operations and offers value-added services to help elevate your customer experience. At Materialogic, we understand that every business has different needs and requirements, which is why we provide custom solutions that meet those individual needs. 

Our partnership approach ensures that we work closely with our clients to find the best solutions that help them achieve their business goals and objectives. 

Are you looking for a 3PL solution outside of the norm? Reach out to our experienced and knowledgeable team today to discover how we can help your business succeed.

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