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November 30, 2021

3 Fulfillment Pitfalls that Cost You Money



Having been in business for over 40 years, we know how challenging it is to run and grow a company. Successful leaders constantly have to balance the time and attention they give to advancing important strategic initiatives that ignite growth with dealing with the “fires” that occur in day-to-day operations. The game of business is tough enough without fulfillment issues making you feel like you’ve got one hand tied behind your back. These fulfillment issues cost you money and time, and can ultimately hinder the growth of your business.

Mismanaged international shipments.

If you’re an online retailer who’s expanded into international markets, congratulations! It’s pretty cool that eCommerce makes it possible for people all over the world to access your brand. However, shipping internationally presents some complex challenges that, without expertise, can cripple your ability to get products into your customer’s hands.

Poor inventory management.

The advent of eCommerce has allowed consumers to directly impact the supply chain more than ever before. Brands are expected to quickly fulfill single-item or small orders, which makes keeping inventory up-to-date more challenging than ever. Counting by hand and tracking inventory in a spreadsheet is sure to lead to issues such as overstocking, mispicks, out-of-stock selling, and others. Out-of-stock selling and mispicks are two issues that are sure to erode your customer’s trust in your brand. Once customers lose faith that your company can deliver up to their expectations, then it becomes increasingly costly to win them back with discounts and other incentives.

Lost time managing exceptions.

When you take your focus away from the strategic growth of your business, you may not feel the financial impact right away. Spending time troubleshooting fulfillment issues is an urgent task, but doesn’t help advance your business forward or achieve your goals.

An expert 3PL partner can help you avoid all of these fulfillment pitfalls. With inventory management software that integrates with your eCommerce platform, a responsive customer service team, and over 40 years of experience solving complex fulfillment problems, Materialogic is ready to help. Stop letting fulfillment issues limit your business from reaching its goals. Contact us today and let’s start a conversation.


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