How fulfillment Impacts the unboxing experience

Fulfillment, logistics

November 29, 2018

“Unboxing” is a recently-coined term that refers to the experience of removing a new product from its packaging. Unboxing is one of the fastest growing categories on YouTube for both children and adults. In 2015, six-and-a-half years of unboxing video content was uploaded to YouTube.

As eCommerce eclipses traditional retail, brands are constantly challenged to create a customer experience that reflects their unique values and aesthetics in a different way. Without control over the environment the customer encounters their products, packaging and the unboxing experience becomes the first impression brands should focus on to convey their value proposition to customers. With the popularity of unboxing videos, someone may just make a video about your product—especially if you’re a technology or luxury goods brand. Ask yourself: is the current experience your customers have good enough to go viral?

No matter how you answer that question, your customer’s experience goes beyond just the unboxing experience. The fulfillment of your product is the unboxing of the unboxing...and is actually the first interaction they’ll have with your brand. Issues with fulfillment should never get in the way of the customer experience. That’s why at Materialogic, we’re passionate about creating custom fulfillment solutions so when your product arrives, you can rest assured that your customer’s first impression will be flawless.

What is it that you’re trying to accomplish, and how is your 3PL helping to get you there? We geek out over creating fulfillment solutions that work. Let’s start a conversation!