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  • The Secret to Managing Inventory is Never Running Out

    • Being out of stock is one of the worst positions to be in, from an inventory management perspective. Anticipating this situation when stock is low, and then triggering the right actions, helps keeps your business operating without interruption.   You see, in the past, when inventory ran out, companies would simply issue a back order to the customer while they […]

  • How Do You Manage Inventory When Multiple Channels Are Involved?

    • If you are selling across multiple channels, managing inventory and shipping can be a real challenge—unless your 3PL partner has invested in the right kind of technology. More and more, merchants are selling their goods across multiple channels, including eCommerce platforms, mobile apps, brick-and-mortar stores/POS systems, and direct to consumer (DTC). This does create many opportunities. For example, more companies […]

  • DIM Weight: Updates, Surprises, and Tips

    • Because shipping and logistics are a core competency at Materialogic, we keep abreast of industry changes that might affect how and when people ship items, including how much they are likely to pay. One factor that is constantly changing is the way carriers such as FedEx and UPS calculate dimensional weight. Dimensional weight determines the amount that businesses are charged […]

  • 4 Ways to Drive Freight Savings

    • Increased competition makes little things count. If you have competitors from all over the world, you need to find ways to keep prices low even as you efficiently deliver your products. This is especially true when it comes to warehousing, shipping, and fulfillment. To illustrate this, let’s take a look at something basic: Freight costs. Many companies assume that their […]

  • Getting the Most Out of Your Holiday Post-Mortem

    • The holiday shopping season has come and gone, and now is the time of year when merchants of every stripe take a hard look at their reports and processes, vowing to make improvements in the coming year. Previously, we suggested that taking careful notes during the busy season was critical for the kind of forward-looking plans that retailers want to […]

  • Our 2017 Predictions: 4 Silly, 4 Serious

    • Still dealing with the tail-end of the holiday rush? Take a break to reflect with us on what 2016 brought…and what the future will hold. Predictions are tricky, of course. They take not only a knowledge of the industry and a keen sense for trends, but a dash of imagination as well. So we started our future-gazing exercise by asking […]

  • Everything Old is New Again in the eCommerce World

    • Since the advent of eCommerce, there have been many new models for how to sell things…although “new” might be a stretch. As it turns out, many new models—like flash sales and subscription services—have a history that stretches back quite some way, to well before the advent of online stores. That said, it has been interesting to see the development of […]

  • Why Delivery is Now the Fulfillment of a Brand Promise

    • A pattern we’ve noticed over the past decade is that many retailers worry about the “intake” side of their business. With good reason, of course: No retailer wants to miss the opportunity for a sale. But new channels have to be approached with thought and care. And so, when online commerce was just starting, people worried about the ease of […]

  • It’s Busy Season…But Take Notes, And Plan Ahead

    • The holiday season is about to get into full swing for most retailers, both online and offline, and it promises to be a busy one. eMarketer is predicting a 3.3% increase in overall holiday retail sales over last year, with a stunning 17.2% gain in online sales. Likewise, the National Retail Federation is expecting a 3.6% boost, just a bit […]

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