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  • Multi-Channel is Here. Be Prepared.

    • The signs are everywhere: Retailers are living, more and more, in a world where managing multiple channels is critical for meeting customer expectations while reining in costs, especially when it comes to fulfillment. For example, we’re seeing: More merchants investing in their web presence and online commerce, More consumers optimizing their shopping experience across channels, More success for businesses working […]

  • Kitting 101: What Retailers Need to Know, and How to Find a 3PL to Do It

    • One of the secret weapons that a 3PL, and thus a retailer using a 3PL, has at its disposal is the ability to put items together in kits. The process of doing so is called “kitting,” and it is usually carried out by the same facilities and staff that handle order fulfillment. Generally speaking, “kitting” is the process of assembling, […]

  • Outsourcing to a 3PL, Scalability, and the “Goldilocks” Problem

    • Can a business be too big to outsource to a 3PL? Or too small? Technically, yes. This is what you might call the “Goldilocks” problem: A lot of organizations don’t even consider using a 3PL because they feel too big or too small, where profit can be realized only if the fit is “just right.” But really, it’s the wrong […]

  • Doing Business with FDA-Regulated Products

    • Do you sell, or plan on selling, products that are regulated by the FDA? If you sell anything meant to be consumed internally by a person or a pet, then the answer is probably “yes.” The FDA regulates a wide range of products, including foods, human and veterinary drugs, vaccines, medical devices intended for human use, radiation-emitting electronic products, cosmetics, […]

  • How to Creatively Avoid Backorders if You Sell Online

    • Let me just say it: Backorders really are the bane of eCommerce. Here’s why. Suppose a customer orders an item, and you happen to be out of the item. It is on back order. Now you might have to explain why there is a delay in the order. Suppose that order finally comes in, and you ship it to the […]

  • How 3PLs Are Helping Provide Visibility for Shippers

    • Here’s a little dose of honesty for you: Visibility is a good thing. But like so many other positive trends in business, the term has become overused. People are now asking for greater visibility without understanding what it is, why it is helpful, and what it should look like once they have it. Then again, shippers have always wanted more […]

  • 5 Myths About 3PLs Exposed

    • Every year, a significant number of organizations plan to move their logistics and fulfillment operations in-house. One study of this phenomenon found that, on average, 35% of outsourcing companies were planning to return to insourcing some of their logistics activities, and 35% of 3PL respondents had observed that some of their customers were insourcing certain logistics activities. But this happens […]

  • The Secret to Managing Inventory is Never Running Out

    • Being out of stock is one of the worst positions to be in, from an inventory management perspective. Anticipating this situation when stock is low, and then triggering the right actions, helps keeps your business operating without interruption.   You see, in the past, when inventory ran out, companies would simply issue a back order to the customer while they […]

  • How Do You Manage Inventory When Multiple Channels Are Involved?

    • If you are selling across multiple channels, managing inventory and shipping can be a real challenge—unless your 3PL partner has invested in the right kind of technology. More and more, merchants are selling their goods across multiple channels, including eCommerce platforms, mobile apps, brick-and-mortar stores/POS systems, and direct to consumer (DTC). This does create many opportunities. For example, more companies […]

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