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How Lintbells Found the Perfect DTC & B2B 3PL Solutions Partner

An Omni-Channel Business Finds Instant Success Through B2B and DTC

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Bringing Lintbells into the Family: A Success Story in B2B and DTC 3PL Solutions


Operating through DTC and B2B channels, Lintbells partnered with a US-based 3PL solutions provider to make inroads in its new overseas market, but soon discovered that the partnership was a mismatch. They needed equal support across both of their distribution channels, and yet their provider was proving to be overly focused on the DTC side of their business model without supporting the slower cycle that characterized their B2B sales.

Poor communication, delayed shipments, and misaligned priorities eventually led the Lintbells team to make the decision to take their business elsewhere.


Lintbells narrowed their search for a new DTC and B2B 3PL provider, finally landing on Materialogic. They knew they needed a partner that would offer them a balance of structure and flexibility, coupled with a start-up mentality to facilitate creative problem-solving as their company grew. Their partnership flourished immediately, with the Lintbells team feeling instantly engaged by the relationship and coming to feel like part of the Materialogic family. 

The smooth onboarding process made them feel like they were moving in exactly the right direction and at the perfect pace, with regular check-ins giving them the distinct impression that the two companies were working as a team from day one. Materialogic provided Lintbells with the ideal mix of stability and agility to make the partnership feel natural while solving every challenge that came their way.


The team at Lintbells had been looking to cut company costs without negatively impacting services in their new US market. With their new DTC and B2B 3PL solutions provider, they were certainly not disappointed. 

Materialogic’s speed, efficiency, and proactive problem-solving not only shaved off 10 percent of their annual cost in the US, but Lintbells saw a significant increase in service as well.

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