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Case Study: Tough Mudder

Overcoming obstacles and being tougher together. See how Materialogic helped Tough Mudder move at full speed.

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The Challenge

Founded in 2010 by a former British counter-terrorism officer and former corporate lawyer, Tough Mudder has become a wildly successful endurance event series with over 3.5 million global participants.

As Tough Mudder grew to become a national phenomenon, the order and delivery process became more complex. One-off shopping trips to source last-minute supplies and a tight schedule turned into a costly logistics operation. To maintain effective market positioning and stay financially sound, Tough Mudder needed to ensure a lean and organized logistical operation that could pivot quickly as the product evolved.


After several on-site visits, Materialogic looked at the lifecycle of the entire project, all the moving pieces, and stakeholders for each part of the process. The team then created a 70-page implementation checklist designed to highlight the needed services and their associated tasks. During a two-day onboarding meeting, both companies spent time discussing strategy, which included one day training for TMHQ to use our system. By the end of the process, Materialogic created a complete Warehouse Management System (WMS) with SKUs.

With the system in place, Materialogic supported the implementation of regionally-based traveling trailers to carry supplies to each event. Materialogic also created a custom eStore so on-site employees can order supplies to restock for the next event.

The Results

We estimate that Tough Mudder has saved $200K annually by streamlining inventory ordering. Now that Tough Mudder doesn’t spend hours and unnecessary dollars on inefficient ordering and logistics, they can focus more of their attention on growing their brand.

Since partnering to solve their logistics issues, they have grown to host 150+ events across the U.S. each year and diversify into new markets by being able to host multiple events each weekend. This includes new events such as Tougher Mudder and Tough Mudder 5K.

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