DDS fulfillment operation started in a residential garage until Materialogic provided an opportunity for this small but growing client to capitalize on their ecommerce presence by providing expertise and industry knowledge to optimize their supply chain operation. Most 3PL’s wouldn’t give the company a chance because of the small startup nature of the business. DDS was turned away by most 3PL’s because of low order volume and lack of SKU/ item velocity and had outgrown current fulfillment space. They needed to expand the supply chain operation specific to fulfillment and warehousing.


Materialogic was a great fit for DDS Gadget because of temp control and FDA regulations that were already in place, as well as the company’s size and opportunity for growth. Materialogic’s expertise and transparency with their WMS was also a factor in the success of the partnership. DDS could have settled for a service with perhaps less expertise and attention they needed to manage their growth.


Materialogic added additional resources by utilizing a new ‘pick to cart’ feature in their WMS, especially since velocity and size of SKU/footprint were such a great fit for this fulfillment practice. Visibility of workflow – from order processing to shipping – were key for DDS, since their products are high value items that are extremely fragile. Materialogic captured Prod Lot data in case of any recalls and to reference individual SKU’s through DDS Gadget’s fulfillment lifecycle.


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