Better Reporting, More Shipment Tracking Details, Timezones

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June 5, 2018

This week’s release is packed full of upgrades, new features, and bug fixes. Allowing you to create and organize complex reports, generate more in-depth barcodes and enhance warehouse operation productivity with Pick to Cart Shipping operations, monitor your shipping SLAs and more.

Upgraded Feature - Manifesting Dates and Shipping Dates for Parcel and Mail packages

What’s changed? Infoplus has been working with our customers to provide more insight into shipping SLA’s and overall daily ship activity. With their help, we have made the following update to Orders.

  • The field which was previously called Ship Date has been relabeled as Shipping Label Date. This field captures the date that is printed on the shipping labels for your orders, and it may be in the past or future compared to when the order actually is recorded as shipped in Infoplus.
  • A new field has been added to orders, called Shipped Date, which captures the date and time of when your warehouse marked each individual order as being shipped. This is recorded not matter the method in which you ship the packages inside Infoplus. You can now use this field to get a complete picture of your warehouse’s shipping activity in real time.

What does this do for you? You are now able to track in detail the shipments actually going out the door, not just the ones which were manifested and intended to be shipped today.

Upgraded Feature - User Reports with Totals, Groups and Pivots Tables

Data is everything and getting access to your data is key to success day to day. With that in mind, the engineering team at Infoplus has been working hard to get the next version of User Reports out to our clients.

With this release, Infoplus is excited to release a Beta version of the User Reports feature that builds upon the already impressive feature list (User Defined columns, Custom Scripts, Open Scheduling, Share, and Multiple Export Formats (Excel, PDF, HTML, Email)) and add the next two great features; the ability to auto-total and create report summaries and totals, and the ability to create Pivot Tables and Group By Summary reports.

What’s changed? On the “Create User Report” screen, you now have the ability to create either a “Data Report” or a “Pivot Report”. Depending on which is selected, you then have the ability to further customize your report by defining the summary data or group/pivot columns.

The Details:

  • Data Reports - For data reports, you can now add a Footer Row, where you can configure the columns that you want to include a summary value. For example, you can see the sum of quantity on hand for an items report, or the average number of line Items on an orders report.
  • Pivot Reports - You can also now create Pivot Reports directly from Infoplus, in the manage user reports screen. In a pivot report, you can choose the columns that you want to use for grouping your data, as well as the values you want to compute for those summary rows. For example, you can see your on-hand inventory broken down and rolled up by warehouse, building, and zone. Or you can easily see the number of shipped orders by date.

When you create a pivot report from Infoplus, the Excel file that you can download will contain a both your full set of raw data, as well as native Excel pivot table, which can be used in Excel or uploaded to Google Sheets, with the full functionality intact. The PDF, email, and in-app view of a pivot report will only show the pivot table.


Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 10.38.20 AM


What does this do for you? Makes it easier to get daily reports, dashboards, emails and summaries delivered to you ready to use without the need for additional steps in Excel.

Updated Feature - Better Compatibility for Querying Data and Dates across Time zones

Infoplus has updated how it handles dates for customers with multiple facilities across time zones. This change will allow your local queries and filters to always run from your local time zone regardless of other locations. Making it easier and more clear across all searching dates in the system. Be on the lookup for additional future enhancements to allow each warehouse to have its local timezone set, allowing you full control of how to record and recognize dates across all of Infoplus.