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Technical White Papers

This collection of technical documentation provides the starting point for our partners when they begin the process of integration with INFOplus. These documents cover everything from the high level overview of our integration capabilities, to the lowest level level details of a CSV or web service integration.

Our Capabilities

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Materialogic has various integration options available, to provide solutions that automate much of the difficulty of inventory management, allowing more time for performing actual business and less time wasted on the laborious administration of data.

This document outlines the different integration options in INFOplus. It illustrates each option as well as the most common use case for each option.

Integration Timeline

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This document outlines the specific process that Materialogic and our Clients utilize to successfully integrate and begin operating through INFOplus.

CSV Integration

INFOplus CSV is intended for systems that batch process transactions. CSV files can be transmitted to Materialogic and batch imported into INFOplus. The files can be created from an existing batch database system. INFOplus CSV can also export data and transmit it back for client perusal.

Typical usage would be exporting a CSV file from the end user's database system and then sending the file to Materialogic for processing. The data will immediately be imported and updated in INFOplus.

SFTP Service

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Materialogic CSV integrations recommend the use of Secure Data Transfer as their secure file transport mechanism. Documentation on this service is available in this whitepaper.

The CSV Reqs Batch interface allows customers to send Materialogic data files from which order records are created for the associated account.

CSV Masters

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Customers may send Materialogic batches of item master records for import, following the specifications outlined in this document.

CSV Shipments File

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Materialogic provides a mechanism to transfer shipment activity information from as INFOplus to our customers. This file is in csv format and can be used by a customer in a variety of ways including a monthly update of accounting systems and ad-hoc reporting. The file represents all shipment activity for the accounting period, as well as information about the items shipped, as known by INFOplus.

Web Services

INFOplus Web Services are a full featured set of methods that can be integrated into any Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) or REpresentational State Transfer (REST) system. The entire e-commerce experience is controlled by INFOplus Web Services and allows for as much or as little control as needed.

Typical usage would be to integrate to an existing database system already tailored to suit the client's needs. Using either SOAP or RESTful methods, the front end can use INFOplus as a powerful backend for creating, tracking, modifying, and deleting customer orders. These services can be utilized in either a traditional batch style processing mode, or in real-time.

User Manager Web Service

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The User Manager web service API provides basic authentication and user session management, and is a prerequisite for use of the InfoPlus API.

InfoPlus Web Service

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The INFOplus web service API enables partner systems to execute simple single service calls, like order tracking, to complex full integrations including everything for real-time inventory levels, order placement, order tracking, vendor, SKU, restriction, and PO management.

This document provides basic concepts in simple use-cases along with pseudo-code examples. The API console and the individual application WSDL URLs are available for in-depth service descriptions.


INFOplus uses Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards to interface with clients and other partners. EDI technology allows for automatic processing and reporting of every step of the order process, from the time the client makes an order on the web until the order arrives at the client's door. Specifically, EDI can take and process orders, notify of shipments, invoice, and alert inventory status to the B2B trading partner. Typical usage would be to integrate an existing system that supports the creation and processing of EDI documents. Once integrated, EDI documents will automatically take care of the entire order and inventory process.

EDI Capabilities

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Materialogic supports a variety of integration options with our customers using EDI – Electronic Data Interchange – one of the tech industry’s oldest and most well established formats for the exchange of business data. This document provides a high level overview of our EDI capabilities.

AS2 Setup Info

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To begin an AS2 integration with Materialogic, the following basic identity information is required.

EDI 850 Spec

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The most commonly traded document from partners to Materialogic is the inbound 850 – Purchase Order, used to create new client orders (requisitions) in INFOplus. Materialogic’s baseline 850 standard is described in this document.

EDI 855 Spec

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Materialogic recommends completing the EDI document lifecycle of the 850 by utilizing an 855 as a detailed reply to the order requested in an 850. The baseline 855 spec is described here.

Shopping Carts

With INFOplus plugged-in as the backend of your Shopping Cart, we seamlessly take care of the parts of your business that you need to just be there, and to just work, allowing you to focus on what makes you unique and driving your sales.

Materialogic's eStore is a robust online Shopping Cart, developed in-house by Materialogic to provide our customers an unparalleled ability to streamline their supply chain operations by enabling their end users to quickly and accurately manage their own distribution needs. By utilizing eStore, our customers avoid the expenses and delays of developing and maintaining an in-house solution, or the hassle and costs of outsourcing their shopping cart to a third party vendor. Since eStore is built on top of Materialogic's INFOplus distribution management software, the middleman is eliminated, meaning orders go directly from your end user to our distribution center, quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Magento INFOplus Connect Module

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This document is intended for customers of Materialogic who wish to install the INFOplus Connect extension for Magento into their existing Magento installations. This document will provide the details and functionality as well as provide a guide for installation and troubleshooting of this extension.

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