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Warehousing & Distribution

Materialogic operates from multiple fulfillment warehouses that are ideally located around the country to provide delivery of your products nationwide within three days.

We guarantee that your products are stored safely and securely and are handled efficiently throughout every phase of the fulfillment process. Our fulfillment warehouses are fully-automated, secure, and supported by our continually upgraded INFOplus warehouse management system for inventory control, order processing, shipping, tracking, and Electronic Data Exchange (EDI). With over 300,000 square feet of Class A food grade warehousing space, we can store and ship a variety of products and materials to customer’s homes, businesses and retail locations.

Facilities & Storage

We can meet your needs for most types of product storage, product tracking, and because we can go to the lot level, we can quickly perform product recalls where necessary.

Food grade certified — superior rated
Secure perimeters and access
Storage of oversized bulk product, pallets, case, and single units
Climate controlled locations
High security areas
Easy access to ports, intermodal infrastructures and foreign trade zones

Our Warehousing & Distribution Services Include:



Pick, Pack and Ship

We pick materials, package them correctly, and ship them by your preferred methods. These activities are coordinated with precision and completed using multiple quality controls to ensure accuracy and timeliness of every shipment. What makes us unique is that we are well versed in all types of order profiles – single lines, multiple lines, full cases, and full pallets. This translates to flexibility for our clients and confidence we can handle their needs over time.


Freight Management

By identifying the most cost effective method for getting materials to their end destination, we help our clients manage freight expenses both domestically and internationally. Our logistics experts can assist in developing in-bound and out-bound freight management programs for small parcel, the postal service, less than truck load (LTL) and full truck load (FTL) carrier. Our locations ensure cost-effective shipments and excellent time in transit throughout the United States. You can rely on us to help you save money and manage customer satisfaction.


Reverse Logistics

An important part of the business is acceptance and processing of returns. Our interactive returns receiving and reporting handles most any situation. Refunds are done quickly and correctly, credits are applied, and damage inspections are performed to exact specifications. Purging your databases of bad addresses saves you money and reviewing return reason codes helps you make critical decisions on product selection.


Custom Projects

Materialogic provides a wide range of specialized kitting and assembly services to complement its full range of fulfillment and logistics solutions. We can provide kitting, sampling campaigns, sales initiatives, coordinate trade shows or event sponsorships, POP displays, UPC code product labeling/tagging, contract packaging sourcing and many other forms of hand assembly.


Retail Distribution

Materialogic is an expert in retail distribution. We will prepare your retail shipments so they comply with your retailer’s routing guide including ASNs and specialized labeling requirements. We can also manage the EDI component of doing business with large retailers and/or working through value added networks (VANs).

Integrated vendor routing guide compliance
EDI compliance for seamless exchange of sales data and shipping documents
Reduce or eliminate vendor charge back cost
Coordinate retail and on-line ecommerce sales channels

Make Retail Work

Let us help you tackle the everchanging retail market. We make big box retail easy. Below are just few of the retailers that we work with on a daily basis.

Leverage Direct or Value Added Networks

Threading the needle when working with large retailers, either big box or ecommerce, is a challenge facing all companies looking to expand direct sales. Let us and our partners help you make the connection and open up new channels to your customers.

Smart solutions for smart businesses. Let us help you stand out in the crowd.