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Materialogic has a simple philosophy — promote the use of superior technology in support of the businesses we choose to operate.

To achieve this we make significant investments in Information Services and Technology on a continuous basis, which is easy for us to do because we own and support our software platform with our internal IT staff.

Information That Provides Control

Developed over the past 35 years by our large in-house programming staff, Infoplus, is a state-of-the-art software system that manages the entire supply chain from start to finish. It has modules for purchasing, fulfillment order processing, inventory management, warehousing, distribution, and financial functions. Many clients have chosen to adopt the Infoplus platform in place of off the shelf products or large scale ERP’s, avoiding the time and expense of extensive programming and long, drawn-out implementations.

The robust query capabilities of Infoplus provide clients with complete visibility to the process and the comfort of knowing, with real-time access available 24/7, that the information they rely upon is not a day old or even an hour old, but current right now. The system can substantially reduce the investment our clients make in support of products, literature and marketing collateral materials because costs are controlled all along the supply chain, not just in one area. Dashboards monitor overall performance and trends, while management by exception reporting identifies those most critical items that require action each day.


We integrate with some of the most powerful ecommerce shopping carts, ERP and CRM systems available in the marketplace today, using combinations of JSON, XML, SOAP, batch processing, EDI, email processing, FTP file exchange or automated script commands from legacy systems. You can get up and running quickly and cost effectively because we have already established the connectivity with the major software solution providers.

Shopping Carts
With Infoplus plugged-in as the backend of your shopping cart, we seamlessly take care of the parts of your business that you need to just be there, and to just work, allowing you to focus on what makes you unique and driving your sales. We currently have plugins available for Magento, Shopify and Woo Commerce. We also have a robust set of APIs for clients that wish to utilize other carts or order sources.
EDI Trading Partners
When a VAN connection isn't available, we perform direct EDI integrations with either our clients, or their vendors, to allow your data to flow directly in and out of Infoplus.
We have existing integrations with some of the most popular Value Added Networks, which allows EDI integration with nearly all retailers requiring EDI communications.
Call Centers
We can integrate CRM data with your call center or give them a portal from which to operate seamlessly with your operation.
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