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Our Pricing

The only thing better than our service is our commitment to lower your overall cost.

Materialogic approaches pricing for fulfillment and logistics services with a total landed cost perspective. Meaning, we carefully examine the integral parts of a client’s existing or potential logistics solution to determine points of pain that can be reduced or eliminated and what volumetric incentives can be achieved through our solutions. We can then make recommendations on where to store your products, how best to ship them, and what freight carriers will afford the best rate structure for order shipping. So whether you do it in-house, already outsource, or just need to understand what you need, we can assist in turning quotes based on your unique needs usually in 24 hours.

You Do Have Choices To Make

Take a look at why outsourcing to Materialogic is a smart decision. We are the preferred supplier for clients seeking to profitably grow their business.

Considering Outsourcing?

Considering Outsourcing?

One of the many benefits of using a third party fulfillment or logistics provider is that you pay for services as they are needed, and typically at a cost that is far lower than what you could do it for yourself. If you currently run your fulfillment in-house we can assist in performing an evaluation of outsourcing as compared against your internal total loaded cost. If your needs for fulfillment are new, or have changed over time, we can help you get started quickly and efficiently through our proven implementation methodologies.

Already Outsource?

Already Outsource?

Is it time to evaluate your current providers order processing, storage and shipping costs? If you already outsource your fulfillment, we welcome you to compare our rates and services to see if you are getting the most value and the level of service your business needs and deserves.

Components for Pricing

There are certain characteristics we examine to provide our best proposals. If you have these numbers, or can forecast them, it can help determine the lowest total landed cost for your needs. And if you can’t determine any of these, we will help you arrive at projections based upon our experience with other clients.

Service Level
Do you want orders to ship out of our warehouses same day or next day? There may need to be different requirements based upon size and type of orders being placed.
Order Volume
The actual monthly or projected order volume, along with the average number of lines and/or units within each order. This is one of the most important components to pricing.
What if any special requirements you have? Can we use standard cartons and filler, or are your items breakable, requiring air pillows or bubble wrapping? What about custom packing slips?
Storage Requirements
What type of products will require storage and in what amounts? Can we put items in bins, shelves, or full pallet locations? Are items weather sensitive or high dollar value?
Where Are Your Customers
Having some idea of where your end customers are located will help determine what facility(s) should be used. If these customers include retailers, do we ship direct to stores or to their Distribution Centers?
Current Freight Expenditures
Examining your inbound and outbound freight cost can help in determining whether we can help streamline your supplier shipments into our warehouses, whether you should ship from production, and what volumetric incentives we can provide.
Long Term Contracts

No Long Term Contracts

Our Agreements are simple, clean, and you can cancel at any time should you not be 100% satisfied with our performance.

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